Abhayam Foundation


" Its not HOW much we GIVE, but HOW much LOVE we put into GIVING ".

Our Journey

Why did Abhayam start and how? Here’s the story behind this idea:

In the initial days, Abhayam founder Mr. Ravi Kalidindi, requested for donors on a Facebook group to support and fund a few patients in Critical Medical Condition. While many people gave one-time donations, one person approached him with a special request. He was a low--income earner with a meagerly salary of INR 8000 per month and not in a capacity to make large donations, despite wanting to.

Interestingly, the same person came up with a solution to this problem. He preferred to contribute INR 200 every month to help the needy and asked if this was a possible scenario. Ravi was puzzled!

Then came the turning point in September 2019, when Mr. Ravi stumbled upon an article on an orphan who turned into an entrepreneur. Ravi was fascinated to know that an unknown donor supported the boy by sending him 120 rupees every month. This reminded him of the request of the person he met on Face book.

The very next day, Ravi decided to start a Whatsapp group to contribute at least INR 5000 towards monthly student scholarships. He added 25 members who agreed to send a Minimum of 200 rupees every month for this cause. He published this idea in one of the Face book community groups and within 12 hours, 30 members were added to support 2 student scholarships.

In the last 200 days, 330 members Joined in ABHAYAM, and are contributing every month to the society.

How Abhayam Works ?

The word “ABHAYAM” roughly translates to “Freedom from the fear of Materialistic Existence” . This is the Core philosophy of the Abhayam Foundation, which aims to identify the Essential Needs of the Poor and Unfortunate People of the Society and offer them a Helping Hand.

However, we cannot do it alone! Every Drop in the ocean counts and every rupee in the lives of the needy counts. If you are willing to Join Hands with us in this noble cause, here’s how you can become a member of the Abhayam Foundation.

You must be willing to contribute a Minimum 200 Rupees (INR) per month to the society, before the 5th of every month. Payments can be done via Google Pay, Bank Transfer or Paytm channels.

All the Contributions received from the members will be utilized towards supporting:
* Scholarships, * Old Age Homes, * Orphanage Centers,
* Government Schools, * Emergency Care, * Pensions

Our Concept

Abhayam Whatsapp Group

You must accept and follow guidelines to join the Whatsapp Group, which is the official communication channel of Abhayam Foundation:
• Strictly, no Forwarding messages including Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.
• Sending Festival Message, Sports or Political Message is not allowed
• It’s important to maintain dignity while communicating with others
Privacy of other group members must be respected
Beneficiaries full data will not be shared due to security reasons.
• No messages from 10 pm to 7am in the Whatsapp group
• No personal promotion of the members will be accepted at any cost.
• No Political advantage will be entertained

Come, Join us in this Noble Cause! Your Contribution can help someones Life better!!

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