" Get to know the CORE MEMBERS who are the DRIVING FORCE behind the success of ABHAYAM ! "

Lives in Hyderabad

Mr. Ravi Kalidindi has 17+ Years of experience in different Streams of IT, Social Media, Stock Markets, HR, Admin, Tenders and Procurement. He is currently Working in the Akshaya Solar and Heading the Tenders Team.

Four years ago, Ravi Co-Founded a Hyderabad based NGO called “LITTLE-HANDS TRUST INDIA, which focuses on Education and supporting Government School Students every month by Providing Sanitary Napkins, Scholarships, Stationary, Shoes etc.

Later, he Founded an NGO “ABHAYAM FOUNDATION” with a unique concept of ‘Minimum Contribution of Indian Rupees 200 per Month’. He will be leading the “ABHAYAM FOUNDATION” and coordinating Different Projects of the Trust with Core Team, Members, Volunteers of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION.

Lives in Hyderabad

Mr. Sunil Varma Nadimpalli is working as a Senior Financial Analyst in Wells Fargo India from the last 8 years, with an expertise in the Core Reconciliation Process.

Mr. Sunil has cultivated a mindset to serve the society by participating in various Community programs from his college days. He even served as a ‘Sevadal’ for Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi from 2009 to 2016. Today, he is a Co-Founder of the ABHAYAM FOUNDATION and has successfully executed many of its projects and will be Coordinating the Finance and Technical part of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION.

Lives in Khammam

Ms. Sridevi Madireddy is Photoshop and Video Mixing Expert by Profession. She is also the Founder of NGOs
MY PEOPLE ORGANIZATION and MY People Youth Club. These NGOs are working for Skill Development and Vocational Training of Youth.

Ms. Sridevi Conducts Menstrual Hygiene Workshops and Motivation Programs related to Girl Child and Rural Women and executed
many projects in Rural Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with her young team of Volunteers and as a Core member of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION
she will be taking care of the Government School and Rural Projects.

Lives in Bangalore

Mr. Chandrasekhar Varma Bhupathiraju (Rajesh) is currently heading the Food Dept Team at Nagarjuna Group of institutions(NGI - Bengaluru)

He has 13+ Years of experience in different Streams in Support, Admin, and Food Departments especially in Educational Institutions.

Mr. Rajesh was actively involved in community service programs especially related to Education. His expertise in gathering information and interaction with Students and as a Core member of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION he will be taking care of the Enquiries of all the Education Projects.

Lives in Hyderabad

Gayathri Susarla, is a Software Engineer by Education. She worked for over 14 years years in the IT industry for companies like Deloitte, GE, MindTree Consulting. She has always been passionate about the power of alternate therapies for the holistic wellbeing. For the last 5 years, she has been practicing Aromatherapy and Pranic Healing.

Gayathri has earned a diploma in Aromatherapy from the School of Natural Health Sciences, London. She is the founder of Gayathri Wellness, promoting natural and holistic healing approaches using plant based essential oils to improve physical, emotional, psychological well being.

Gayathri was involved with multiple community service programs organized by Deloitte, Little Hands and other orphanages. As a core member of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION she will be taking care of Orphanages, Oldage homes and Urban projects.

Lives in Boston, USA

Dr. Vinay Penematsa has 10+ Years of experience in the Health care and Clinical Research and currently works as a Medical Director. He even Authored & Published multiple papers on various health related subjects. Currently Staying in Boston, USA.

Dr. Vinay regularly supports Students by funding for their Education and even takes time to visit kids and the elderly at Orphanages and
Oldage-Homes during his trips to India.

As a Core member of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION he will be verifying the Health Reports of the Emergency Patients.

Lives in Hyderabad

Dr. Jagadeesh Bandi is currently working as Clinical Director at Eswar Eye hospital, Hyderabad. He has worked previously in roles of Analyst for Accreditation at Georgia Southern University, Research coordinator for the Glaucoma Prevalence in West Africa, Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Miami.

Dr. Jagadeesh also Published Papers in various international Journals and hold Device Patents along with Department of Defense in the Field of Ophthalmology. He is passionate about giving back to the community by performing vision restoring surgeries at Charity Organizations and Teaching surgical skills to younger ophthalmologists and through ABHAYAM FOUNDATION will be taking care of Eye Camps.

Lives in Hyderabad

Dr. Vijay Varma Penematsa is currently Working as Consultant Nephrologist at SLG Hospitals, Hyderabad. He has extensive experience in Chronic Kidney Diseases, pre-transplant evaluation of renal transplant recipients and donors, Insertion of acute peritoneal dialysis catheters and management of patients on acute PD and CAPD.

Dr. Vijay successfully completed ISN-ANIO Clinical Nephro-pathology Certificate program (CNC) from March 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015 and His Paper presentations during post-graduation at Annual NAK Conference -2014 and Annual NAK Conference-2015 won him accolades.

He was involved in many Community Service programs especially Medical Camps. As a Core member of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION he will be verifying the Health Reports of the Emergency Patients.

Lives in Hyderabad

Mr. Butchi Raju Mudunuri is a Finance professional and tax advisor and Youngest of the CORE Team, with 10 Years Experience and currently Auditing Multiple Stream Companies.

Mr. Butchiraju has keen interest towards social service and was part of NSS during his college days. He also actively participated in many social causes and helped raising funds to help poor and needy.

He is a huge believer of giving back to society in all means possible. As a Core member of ABHAYAM FOUNDATION he will be taking care of the Finance and auditing of all the Abhayam Projects.

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